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The Best Dental Clinic In Kolkata For Advanced Dental Solutions

Dean Dental Clinic is the top dental clinic in Kolkata, serving patients for over 16+ years. The team uses the latest technologies to examine and heal teeth with painless treatment under the supervision of experienced dentists. Get your teeth repaired, where the dentists in Kolkata will work on healing your pain instead of increasing it.

The best dentist in Kolkata eagerly waiting to cure your dental problems

Welcome to the Best Dental Clinic in Kolkata

At Dean Dental Clinic our staff truly cares for and take priority of our patient’s well being for their ideal dental health and function. Our dentist’s goal is not only on rehabilitation for function and aesthetics but also provide psychological comfort and ease before during and after the treatment.

It is the best dental clinic in Kolkata and eastern India. We realize that most patients have fears and anxiety about dental surgery. So, our experienced dentists in Kolkata try every attempt to make you feel comfortable.

Our lab guarantees the highest standard of dentistry procedure, following the strictest standards of cleanliness, sterilization, and professionalism. Some of our specialized dental services include:

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Our Branches Of Dental Clinic In Kolkata

Dean Dental Clinic Chain in Kolkata are having Best Dental Clinic in Kolkata with Top Rated MDS Best Dentist in Kolkata Here are our some of the branche.

office of dean dental clinic kolkata

North Kolkata (Dum Dum)

45 Prafulla Nagar , Private Road , Dum Dum , Behind HDFC Bank , Kolkata, 700074.

a view of dean dental clinic kolkata at south kolkata branch , best dental clinic in south kolkata

South Kolkata

49/C Raja Basanta Ray road, Lake Market ,Kalighat, Beside Southern AvenueSwimming Pool Gate No 2 Kolkata 700029.

Why Dean Dental Clinic Is The Best Dental Clinic In Kolkata?

Having healthy teeth is essential because you cannot compromise with your smile as it not only beautifies your look but also boosts your confidence and improve your oral health. We will give you the main reasons that make us the Best Dental Clinic in Kolkata, making it easier for you to trust us.

Experience: The primary thing that a patient considers before visiting a dental clinic in Kolkata is the dentist’s experience. At TeethCare, the dentists have an experience of more than 12 years dealing in the field of dentistry and serving patients with a happy smile.

Comfort: Our utmost priority is to look after our patients’ comfort. Thus we have made a comfortable sitting area for our patients to wait comfortably. We have the best dentists in Kolkata who will carefully examine and treat you, looking after your comfort and satisfaction.

Digital X-Rays: We take digital X-rays in our clinic under the supervision of the best dentist in Kolkata. It makes it easier for our patients to get the report of their dental health and get the complete examination in a single dental visit. Thus, it makes us a go-to stop for patients.

Affordable: We do not only aim in serving cheap products to heal your teeth, but we always try to be affordable without damaging the quality of products that might affect your teeth. The dentists in the best dental clinic in Kolkata are always working on quality alongside making it affordable.

Sterilization: After every dental procedure, our dental instruments and equipment are thoroughly sterilized to avoid any sort of infection among the patients. We are very conscious of maintaining the health and hygiene in our clinic, making it the best dental clinic in Kolkata.

Equipment: We have facilitated our clinic with ultra-modern dental equipment to save our patients time and ease the pain and make it comfortable and pocket-friendly. This is another reason for which the patients call our clinic the best dental clinic in Kolkata and is their first preference.

Our Awards And Achievements As The Best Dentist In Kolkata

We have been certified dentists for ages and have been bestowed with precious awards for our work as the best dentists in Kolkata. We have the top dental clinic in Kolkata to serve you with stronger teeth.

Our Happy Patients!

Our Patient Most Valuable Words

Paushali Mukherjee SOFTWARE ENGINEER

Very Happy with this Practice.Our Family of Five have been with this Practice for 8 years. Have Only Praises for the team.All Three Chilren were Reffered for Orthodontic Work and I have had a few issues which weere Always dealt with efficiently.i flew in from abroad having suffered from painful infection needing urgent treatment and saw the dentist within hours of landing...

Richa Sharma MODEL

I can Recommend this Dental Practice Highly Enough Visited Recently as a new Patient Requiring Treatment.I Found the Reception Staff to be most welcoming,approachable and Proffesional.The Dentist and Nurse work well Together, you feel Instantly at ease with them...


I visited the clinic with my mother which is behind HDBC Bank Mothijeel ,DumDum . Firstly i took an appointment and after visit i came to know my mother was suffering from pain in the gum. The clinic is well equipped and the staffs were so supportive . I strongly recommend Dean Dental Clinic based in DumDum , Kolkata

gouri deb

Visited the clinic for dental pain. The dental clinic is well maintained hygienic .it is very near from my residence . I am very satisfied .thus best dental clinic in kolkata..

Frequently Asked Questions From The Best Dental Clinic In Kolkata

When you think of visiting the dentist, there are lots of questions arising in your mind. Being the best dental clinic in Kolkata, we have sorted out some of the most asked questions and tried to answer the same to reduce your queries. If you are still left with any questions, you can contact us or visit our clinic.

Root Canal Treatment is a process to fix the tooth that might have weaken and detached from the gums either due to puss or unhygienic oral health. So to save the natural tooth, the dentist in Kolkata uses various methods to save the same. Depending on the same, the cost of RCT varies. Basically, the cost of RCT at our dental clinic begins from INR 2000 and ranges upto INR 8000 depending on the mode of procedure like microscopic and endo motor. Following this procedure will help you save the natural one and improve your oral health.

Dental health is often ignored, but it can lead to major physical disorders. So you must not ignore your dental health as it can improve your oral hygiene and can also save you from various heart-related problems. Hence you must visit a dental clinic regularly and get your teeth examined. At Teeth Care Multispeciality Dental Clinic, we work dedicatedly to serve our patients with a happy smile. We have been the best dental clinic in Kolkata for over 12 years, with all the latest technology and the best faculty. We strictly maintain the hygiene rules and aim to serve our patients with healthier oral hygiene at an affordable cost.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

Dental care is the best thing that can improve your oral health and overall physical health. You need to consult a dentist at regular intervals, preferably every three months. The best dentist in Kolkata will examine your teeth and prescribe you the required mouth floss you need to use or even the treatment that you may require. Visit the dentist that satisfies your questions and recalls you on your appointment dates for smooth treatment.

A tooth filling is required when you have cavities in your teeth. So you need to get those holes filled with some materials; depending on the material used, the best dental clinic in Kolkata sets the final amount of the procedure, including the service charge and cost of the material. At our dental clinic, the tooth filling cost begins from INR 2000 and ranges upto INR 10,000 based on the fillings such as fluorides, composites, and ceramic fillings. At TeethCare Multispeciality Dental Clinic, we know the importance of saving the natural tooth. Thus, we particularly focus on improving your oral health and makes your teeth stronger for longevity.

The cost of Dental Braces depends on the type of braces the dentist at the best dental clinic in Kolkata suggests. The price of metallic braces starts from INR 35,000, whereas the price of ceramic braces initiates from INR INR 60,000. The best and removable type of dental braces is particularly Invisalign, the cost of which starts from INR 1,50,000. So at TeethCare you can get treatment of all types ranging from minimum to maximum. So you need not worry about your pocket and invest as much as you can afford to get a beautiful smile and aligned teeth. Alongside maintaining oral hygiene is compulsory; thus, we provide quality wires to mend your teeth instead of damaging them.

It is a general tendency to believe that smile makeover modifies only your beauty, but instead, it improves your confidence, speech, and oral health. When you visit the best dentist in Kolkata, the dentist may prescribe you a smile makeover. But do not assume it for your beauty and decline the suggestion of the dentist. So you need to carefully analyze if you genuinely require a smile makeover and accordingly take the decision. The price range of smile makeover starts from INR 5000 and goes upto INR 90,000. You may either be asked for teeth scaling, a whitening, or a complete smile makeover. Thus the price range depends accordingly.

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